L' amazonite aurait un effet apaisant et calmant. Elle accomplit cette mission en dissipant l'énergie négative et nous permettre de laisser aller la tristesse et le chagrin.


The Science of Amazonite

This stone belongs to the feldspar family and its semi-opaque coloration can range from pale green to pale blue, quite often being found with white streaks on it and rarely having exclusively one single color.
Amazonite is formed in granite rocks and is mined on all continents.

It has a triclinic prismatic crystal system and a hardness of 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale.

Amazonite throughout History

Its name is assumed to have been taken from Brazil’s Amazon forests, or maybe even from the Amazons themselves, the mighty and brave female warriors, for some stories say that they ornamented their battle shields with them, used its powder to heal any wound or illness, and offered the mythical stone to the men that would dare visiting them.

Whatever the real source of the name is, jewelry made out of this stone has been documented to trace back to Mesopotamia and when Tutankhamen’s sarcophagus was found, enclosed in it were rings, amulets, earrings and amulets made of amazonite.

Amazonite’s healing properties

Whoever bears an amazonite stone for a while can’t ignore the pulsating feeling of power that starts growing from within, just as if the strong Amazon river is submerging its bearer in sincerity, eloquence, truth and honor. Or maybe the loud scream of the Amazons resonates inside the bearer’s soul, awakening courage, strength and true devotion...

Amazonite certainly gifts the one who carries it with a tremendous ability to link one’s thoughts with one’s words, making the individual’s speech sincerely true to its ideals while conveying a deep sense of calm and passionate urge to communicate.
It’s also seen by some people as a stone that can strongly benefit the emotional world inside one’s mind, filling it with hope and confidence as it balances the male and female energies that each and every one of us encompasses.

Those who experienced amazonite’s empowering sensation never forget to bear it whenever a delicate request of public-speech is ahead.
When it comes to the physical body, this stone is known for increasing the body’s capability of absorbing calcium, and it also balances the nervous system and helps treating any ailment of the body, especially in women suffering from menstrual pain and general discomfort.
Amazonite care

Because amazonite is not very hard, it can be extremely damaged it stored directly with other more resistant gemstones, for pressure and scratches can easily spoil this vulnerable, yet gorgeous stone. The direct contact with abrasives or acids should be avoided at all costs, and in order to clean it, simply rinse it in lukewarm water and soap.