The Science of Prehnite

Prehnite is one of the most ancient minerals known to mankind and its composition is based on a hydrous form of calcium-aluminum-silicate, having luminously bright tonalities that range from pale yellow to light jade green.
It’s a member of the zeolite family and it’s formed in basaltic rocks mostly in Scotland, Australia and South Africa, where the environment is appropriate for its development, due to the heat and richness in minerals.

It has an orthorhombic pyramidal crystal system and a Mohs hardness of 6-6.5.

Prehnite throughout History

Minerals get their suggestive and mysterious names from countless sources, but prehnite was the first one to be named after a person – mineralogist Colonel Hendrik van Prehn, who discovered it in South Africa in 1774.
Tribal cultures from Australia believed that prehnite could absorb and store the very energy of the sun, bringing them its positive and warming energy even when night falls and brings with it the creatures and fears that live in darkness.

Shamans from South Africa used prehnite in future-telling rituals, for this stone has unique prediction-enhancing properties that allowed the shamans to best determine which decisions and compromises were the most appropriate for the tribe’s overall stability and wellbeing. Prehnite’s healing properties

Being a stone of truly unconditional love and forgiveness, prehnite activates and brings balance to the heart chakra while increasing the strength and impermeability of one’s spiritual protective shield.
Those who bear prehnite are bathed in a blissful sense of calm and tranquility, and just to see it or touch is enough to decompress from daily stress, for it has a soothing coloration and a gentle texture. Prehnite aids in achieving lucid dreaming states and enhances one’s memory skills, while at the same time it allows the occurrence of a deeper meditation state.

By increasing the acceptance its bearer has about who he truly is and allowing trials in life to be received with open arms, prehnite increases awareness and prepares the individual for the challenging situations that cross his path.
On the physical plane, prehnite cleanses the body and boosts the immune system’s defenses, while at the same time it levels the blood pressure and regenerates the internal organs.

Prehnite care

Being a moderately soft stone, prehnite should be worn and stored with appropriate care, so that scratches and impacts don’t damage it. In order to wash it, lukewarm and soapy water is all it takes to ensure its beauty and brightness.