Passionate about stones and travel, Albane obtained her diploma as a gemologist in 2007 at the ING in Paris then, in 2008, after her experiences at Artcurial and Chrisitie's, Albane flew to New York where she followed a meticulous apprenticeship in the techniques of jewelry manufacturing in a workshop in Brooklyn and subsequently obtained her diplomas in "Graduate Diamonds", "Jewelry Design" and "CAD/CAM" at the GIA.

In 2010, nourished by her knowledge, travels, passion for stones and her imagination, Albane launches and signs under the name of Albane M. The stones are carefully chosen by Albane to then move on to the creation of these unique jewels designed and manufactured by itself in Paris and New York.

Inspired by all these influences, its daring designer offers tailor-made creations for a particular event as well as collections made up of unique pieces: feminine, delicate and timeless in gold or silver, mixing fine stones, precious stones, mother-of-pearl and pearls.

There are long necklaces in gold or silver adorned with fine stones, earrings with cascading stones, rings adorned with sapphires and diamonds that you want to collect to superimpose them or even bracelets that marry the fineness of the wrist.

Albane wants her clients to feel unique. For this each piece of the collections is limited to one copy and adapts to the soul of each one, thus revealing the harmony and the natural beauty of the woman by its own meaning. "Alba" represents purity, wisdom and friendship, "Nacre" of Asian inspiration helps to protect the soul, "Scarab" is a revisited amulet from Ancient Egypt which symbolizes renewal, "Tribal" resumes symbols of African tribes.

It's up to you to discover the other collections and their secrets or to create your own jewel to order.