rutilated quartz

rutilated quartz

Rutilated quartz is a remarkable rock crystal, by the rutile needles it contains. It can also be mentioned in lithotherapy, because this stone has many virtues, in many areas. It can provide help, both physically and morally.


Rutilated quartz stone, with a hardness of 7 and a specific gravity of 2.65 and belonging to the rhombohedral crystal system, is a transparent or rock crystal, having golden rutile needles inside. Based on titanium oxide, rutile is a mineral. Rare, red or black in color, rutile is included in transparent quartz during the crystallization phase. It then appears, in the form of golden threads or needles, entangled “Opus incertum”. The crystal thus takes on shimmering reflections under the sun, and we speak of golden rutilated quartz. These needles are sometimes called "Hair of Venus", but this stone also has other names: Thetis stone, hair stone or sagenetic quartz. It is possible for other mineral inclusions to occur. Thus, the variety which is called “Arrows of Love” quartz has, instead of rutile needles, dark green or black crystals of tourmaline. They are mainly found in Madagascar, Brazil and India.


Symbolically, the vibrations of this quartz open the meditation space and the mind to a higher spiritual dimension. If we talk about Karma and chakras, rutilated quartz can be applied on all chakras, basically the coronal, the solar plexus and the third eye. It thus opens the spirit, to the energetic forces, which favors the projection in its karma. It is a stone that can be described as inner progress, which destroys obstacles and negative energies, which hinder intellectual development. She is quite interesting, to work on her past lives. The elixir of rutile quartz notably calms heartburn and is useful against angina, asthma and chronic bronchitis. Indeed, it has a beneficial action on the respiratory tract and the lungs that it drains. It is also useful in preventing colds and colds. It is also sold for its actions on obesity, ear infections and in cases of premature ejaculation. It is credited as a virtue, to develop sexual potency. All of the above shows physical aids, but it also brings mental aids. It helps for example to quit smoking, because it promotes personal development. It facilitates the acceptance of errors and thus, it also favors the creation of new attitudes.