Custom made

Albane is there to advise you and help you compose your exclusive piece of jewellery. Starting from your ornament and drawing inspiration from the exchanges you have had together, Albane will draw your future jewel in three dimensions so that you can fully appreciate it before it is shaped.

  • you dream of offering a truly different, unique piece of jewelry, impossible to find on the market
  • you have a piece of jewelry and want to integrate it into an adornment
  • you have lost a jewel to which you were very attached
  • you have a stone or a pearl and you want to highlight it?
  • Do you want to restore a piece of valuable jewelry that you hold dear but which is too old or outdated?

Albane M. works all her jewelry in France where the craftsmen are a real guarantee of quality, (no creation is made abroad ), which makes it possible to guarantee jewelery of exceptional quality and know-how thanks to a unique step - by - step follow-up.

Our workshop selects the best craftsmen of the Place Vend ô me. Also working for high jewelry houses such as Chanel, Chaumet and VCA, they ensure a quality equivalent to that of the iconic houses of Place Vendôme.

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