Our philosophy




Albane M. works all her jewelry in France where the craftsmen are a real guarantee of quality thanks to a unique follow - up step by step (no creation is made at abroad ), which makes it possible to guarantee jewelery of exceptional quality and know-how.

Our jewelers are selected from among the best artisans in Place Vend ô me. Also working for high jewelry houses such as Chanel, Chaumet and VCA, he ensures us a quality equivalent to these iconic houses of High Jewelry and French know-how .


Albane M. leaves nothing to chance and works on each piece of jewelry meticulously. Albane dedicates a large part of her time to the smallest details that will make your jewel unique!


Albane M. has been designing and making jewelry since childhood. This know-how and refinement, Albane M. transmits it in his creations and gives a real renewal to traditional French jewelry.

In addition to her jewelry, Albane creates linens and designs unique prints and embroideries reminiscent of those of her Porthault grandparents.


Albane M. trip to around the world to select its stones, from Burma, to India , to Asia via Sri Lanka, she selects only the rarest stones there and then offers them to his clients.

A certificate is established for each stone of more than 0.50ct and makes it possible to certify all the characteristics of these.
All of our center diamonds are supplied with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) , laboratory HRD , SSEF or Gübelin Gemlab , IGI .

HRD logogubelin laboratoryG.I.A. logossef laboratory

Fine stones:

The laboratory Carat Gem Lab , established several years ago now, has an excellent reputation. The precision of its analyzes and its very detailed clear certificates , have already seduced the great jewelers.

carat gem lab

THE French Gemological Laboratory is the French state laboratory. It depends on the Union Française de la BJOP. The quality of its certificates no longer needs to be proven, and it has been used for many years by French traders.

french gemological laboratory