Magen of David Silver


This magen david in solid silver 925/1000 represents the Star of David.

The Star of David (magen David or magen David, literally "shield of David") is the symbol of Judaism. It consists of two equilateral triangles: one pointing upwards, the other downwards. Today, it is notably found on the flag of the State of Israel. It represents, according to Jewish tradition, the emblem of King David and would also be a symbol of the Messiah (of Davidic lineage). One could say that the expression "star of David" is historical, while the expression "seal of Solomon" has a connotation, a value, a magical atmosphere. Same denotation, but different connotations.

Until the 15th century, the Star of David or Seal of Solomon was a protective magic symbol, depicted on amulets. It only became the representation of Judaism, like the crucifix for Christianity, after the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in the 15th century, and thanks to the development of the printing press.

Average silver weight: 0.90 grams.

This pendant is passivated, that is to say that a surface treatment makes the jewel insensitive to oxidation and gives it a shine like no other.