miraculous medal


This jewel is the classic representation of the miraculous medal. On the front of the medal, we see the Virgin Mary on a rock, crushing the head of a serpent which represents evil. Arms outstretched, she projects the light of God. On the back of the jewel is the initial M surmounted by a cross, as well as two hearts: that of Jesus and Mary. These are crowned with 12 stars. Thanks to this medal, in the 19th century, many cures took place in the face of an epidemic of Cholera. This gives it a miraculous symbolism.

The average gold weight of this jewel with a satin finish is 0.77 grams for dimensions of 9 x 6 mm. It also exists in the following dimensions: 11 x 8 mm and 13 x 10 mm with respective average gold weights of 1.10 grams and 1.50 grams. We inform you that these measurements do not take the bail into account.

The strong symbolism of this jewel makes it an ideal gift for a birth, a baptism or a communion.