Mother-of-Pearl Medal


This round mother-of-pearl medallion surrounded by 18-carat yellow gold represents the chrism.

The chrism is a Christian symbol formed of the two Greek letters Χ (chi) and Ρ (rho), the first affixed to the second. These are the first two letters of the word Χριστός (Christ). It is also sometimes read as the monogram of Christ, and is often found accompanied by the letters α (alpha) and ω (omega). These last letters symbolize the beginning and the end of everything, being the first and the last letter of the Greek alphabet.

The chrism also exists in another form combining the Greek letters I (iota) and Χ (chi) from the initials of Iesous Χριστός (Jesus Christ). The chrism then takes on the appearance of a six-pointed star often identified in art with the star that guided the Magi.

They are still found in the East, more specifically in the eastern part of the ancient Roman Empire.

Ideal gift for a birth, a baptism or a communion.

Oval bail. Diameter: 18 millimeters. Average gold weight: 1.50 grams.

You can have the message of your choice engraved on the back of the medal.